These Isckon people who forbid access to the temple of people attracted by Krishna, are not devotees, they are demonic beings. The punishment will be severe.
Do we have to make disciples ?

We don't have to make disciples, we have to become disciples. In other words, we have to remain constantly engaged in the service of Krishna and the spiritual master. The devotees of Vishnu, the vaieyavas, see the guru in all things. If one becomes proud of being a vaimava, then one's service to Vishnu and the vaiseavas evapo-rates. One who is free from the sense that he is the doer, who thinks, "I actually do nothing myseif. It is Krishna atone who engages me in ail activities," and who is constantly engaged in the service of the Lord can actually do something beneficial for the ordinary souls by turning them towards Krishna. But it is not enough to make phony speeches about how you are not the doer. You have to genuinely feel that you are being made to act by the Lord. 

Srila Baktisidanttha Sarasvati Goswami Maharaja